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Brotdose mit Einsatz
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Ob im Kindergarten, in der Schule oder unterwegs – die Brotdose im Frozen-Design müssen kleine Elsa-Fans immer dabei haben. Brotdose mit Einsatz und Clipverschluss Disney-Frozen-Design aus robustem Kunststoff Die Brotdose lässt sich von kleinen Kinderhänden mühelos öffnen und schließen. Innen ist die Dose mit einem Einsatz ausgestattet. So haben unten belegte Brote Platz; der Einsatz eignet sich ideal für Obst, Gemüse oder eine kleine Süßigkeit. Die Brotdose ist aus lebensmittelechtem, strapazierfähigem Kunststoff hergestellt, der jedes Abenteuer mitmacht. Hinweis Nicht zur Reinigung in der Spülmaschine geeignet. Nicht mikrowellengeeignet.

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Stand: 14.08.2020
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Disney Frozen Large Multi-Purpose Bottle + Lunc...
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Carry your favourite characters from Disney's biggest franchise ever into the canteen with confidence with the Disney Frozen Lunchbox and Bottle Combo! Elsa and friends won't let it snow on your lunch but protect it's practicality will leave you not needing another lunch box for a long time!

Anbieter: Zavvi
Stand: 14.08.2020
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Frozen 2 Lunchbox 13.5x18x6cm
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Lunchbox mit Motiv aus Disneys die Eiskönigin 2. Die Lunchbox bietet Platz fürs Znünibrot, Obst oder Gemüse und verschliesst alles sicher durch den Clipverschluss. Masse: 13.5x18x6cm.

Anbieter: Dodax
Stand: 14.08.2020
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Pandora's Lunchbox: How Processed Food Took Ove...
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'From breakfast cereal to frozen pizza to nutrition bars, processed foods are a fundamental part of our diet, accounting for 65% of our nation's yearly calories. Over the past century, technology has transformed the American meal into a chemical-laden smorgasbord of manipulated food products that bear little resemblence to what our grandparents ate. Despite the growing presence of farmers' markets and organic offerings, food additives and chemical preservatives are nearly impossible to avoid, and even the most ostensibly healthy foods contain multisyllabic ingredients with nearly untraceable origins. The far-reaching implications of the industrialization of the food supply that privleges cheap, plentiful, and fast food have been well documented. They aredire. But how did we ever reach the point where 'pink slime' is an acceptable food product? Is anybody regulating what makes it into our food? What, after all, is actually safe to eat? Former York Times health columnist Melanie Warner combines deep investigatory reporting, culinary history, and cultural analysis, to find out how we got here and what it is we're really eating. Vividly written and meticulously researched, Pandora's Lunchbox blows the lid off the largely undocumented world of processed foods and food manipulation. From the vitamin 'enrichments' to our fortified cereals and bread, to the soy mixtures that bolster chicken (and often outweigh the actual chicken included), Warner lays bare the dubious nutritional value and misleading labels of chemically-treated foods, as well as the potential price we--and our children--may pay'--

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