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Good Food: Make-ahead Meals
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It can be difficult to find the time to prepare delicious food on a tight schedule, but with a little planning it's easy to take the stress out of mealtimes! In Make-ahead Meals, the team at the UK's best-selling cookery magazine has collected mouth-watering recipes that you can prepare in advance - from batch-cooked stews and pies straight from the freezer, to meals for entertaining that can simply be finished off at the last minute, leaving you to enjoy time with your guests. There are also ideas for handy lunchbox snacks that can be prepared at the weekend, as well as great suggestions for feeding large groups without any last-minute hassle. With every recipe being triple-tested in the Good Food kitchen and accompanied by a useful photograph, you can cook with complete confidence. With just a little advance planning and some Good Food know-how, you can enjoy great-tasting food without the bother!

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